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Client Instructions

If you have a Support Services e-Service Portal user-id, use the "Log-in via Support Services Portal" button below.  If you do not have a user-id and you need access to entitled information, you may register through the Support Services e-Service PortalDo not bookmark the Support Services e-Service Portal log-in page.

Portal Log-in

For the Support Services e-Service Portal, your user-id is generally your e-mail address.  If you forgot your Support Services e-Service Portal password, click here for help.

Service Incidents can be created in the Support Services e-Service Portal web site.

Unisys Associate Instructions

Log-in with your Unisys Windows Domain Credentials.

You can log-in with your Windows Domain credentials.

Log-in with a Tracker User-id

Your user-id is up to 12 characters in length.  If you forgot your Tracker password, click here for help.

Paper copies are not controlled and may be out of date; reference the Product Support Web site for current data.